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Welcome to the jungle!

This is a free jungle-dungeon tileset based on 0x72 original dungeon tileset published here

You can use this asset in your games, consider sharing your work in the comments and giving credit to 0x72 and/or to me if you like


  • All previous tiles with new color schema for dark jungle ambient
  • Custom totem for jungle assets
  • Custom sarcophagus totem for dessert assets
  • Custom totem face for fountains
  • Custom trap with wood sticks
  • Custom walls with leaves
  • Custom walls with geroglyphics
  • Changed wall markers to look more damaged
  • Custom animation for monster looking inside the wall
  • Custom animation for hidden treasure in dessert assets


custom-dungeon-tileset.zip 78 kB

Development log


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Is this set CC-0 like the tileset made by 0x72?

Yes, it is


Hi, would you be interested in making another palette? 
ie. a snow or desert one?     

Let me know if you are - can pay you for your time - don't mind if you keep what you produce as free licensed ..!

Hey ink, I’m not opened to commisions right now, but may update this asset as it was in my plans anyway.